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About us

Our mission is to raise a ready army of highly competent and creative sound minds across the creative industry.

Our goal is really simple; provide a blueprint for creative development via professional technique-based training, mentorship, and apprenticeships. The Kaffy brand strives for excellence in what we say and what we do. We see a creative industry defined by compelling competence laced with excellence. But unfortunately, the creative industry workforce Is largely plagued by untrained and highly inexperienced youths who sometimes for reason beyond their control lack the required resources. We know passion is not enough, skill is critical. Nothing adds value to industry than the collective mastery of its crafts.

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We see a creative industry with a heart, driven by compassion and raising talents of competence, sound health, and sound minds thus serving the society that made us.

How to give

One time gift

A single donation helps provide free surgeries for people living in the world’s poorest regions. And every dollar you give multiplies in impact.

Monthly Giving

Your monthly gifts will reach more children and families who suffer without access to healthcare—and you’ll help save more lives.

Giving Back

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi”

We provide educational and life skill building opportunities for young people who are underserved, overlooked or otherwise at risk. The Foundation focuses on helping them find creative expressions while building on the core principles of their art by helping them put their ideas, passion, even themselves out there to enthrall, inform, or compel audiences. Whatever their form of expression, at the KAFFY Foundation, we are committed to our resolve.

help youths create their most desirable future.

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Add a cup Initiative

is a sub- initiative of the foundation. It is a hunger eradication initiative that feeds less-privileged families. It was launched as a palliative scheme during the COVID-19 lockdown period to give food and water to vulnerable families. Today, more lives have been reached.

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